Andrew McCarthy ARPS

I recently parted with all my Canon gear to buy a much smaller and lighter Olympus OM-D system and I am now a fully paid up member of the Olympus fan club!  The OM-D system is light, amazingly versatile, has fantastic IS and the IQ is good enough...  I also shoot film with a Leica 35mm - an M4-2.


- OM-D EM-1 II body

- 40-150 f2.8 with 1.4x extender fitted semi-permanently for macro work

- Oly 300mm f4 - a 600mm full frame equivilant

- Oly 60mm macro 

- Oly 12-100mm f4 - easily the best image stabilisation I have ever used - a good 5 stops of IS

- Panasonic-Leica 12mm f1.4 Summicron - stunning and very fast

- Godox flash system (cheap and brilliant value)

- Various tripods, flash triggers, clamps, and other bits and bobs

- WeMacro automated focussing rail for studio extreme-macro stacking

35mm film

Leica M4-2

Olympus OM2